Display # DO4TMd - FloorStand Tubed White Boards-Seventeen (17) Tubes/Stand

The BOARDER Tube Floor Display - accommodates 17 tubes in assorted pack sizes.

 Save an Additional 5% discount on each pre-pack Boarder display containing > 9x5 boards  | 5x10 boards | 3x20 boards per tube. (MSRP value = $720.83)

NOTE: Preorder deliveries for all POP Merchandiser Displays allow between 2 to 3 weeks for delivery to your door.

The Boarder tube display was developed especially for one of the most popular products in the magnetic line for our top selling magnetic whiteboards.

It demonstrated excellent results while testing for impulse consumers as the best value.

It is supplied in a set with tubes. It consists of 2 component parts of the bottom box which has 2 positions: #1-shipping position with tubes pushed inside, and #2-working position when the tubes are pushed up.

Material: a gauffered board with the upper layer sealed and laminated.

Dimensions: W 440mm D 426mm H 1500mm

Localization: All the texts contained in the display are available for localization,  TeslaAmazing.ca website address included, and all POP Displays are provided for bilingual English / French.

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