Floor Stand #DO3TMd - Display Unit offering the Complete Magnetic Line of Products

"The Trader" SKU#: D03TMd Display - Receive an additional 5% discount when ordering the Trader Free Standing Magnetic Product Center.

Preorder Purchase of Tesla Amazing's Trader Floor Merchandiser provides the complete range of our Magnetic Collection of products.

The trader is the most capacious in the line. It was designed to be the display that accommodates the whole range of Tesla Amazing products.

The main visible part is given for Magnetic Notes & Boards. The display unit has a dedicated area to attract customers to Magnetic products, and a special auto feeder for tube boards, containing 8 tubes x 5 sheets/tube.

INVENTORY LIST - [364-SKU] = (MSRP $4352.10), less 35% wholesale price.

  1. NOTES = S-80 | M-120 | L-36 = (236-sku)              

  2. Boards = 8 x 5 sheets/tube = (8-sku)

  3. PADs = S-(A5) 64 | M-(A4)-20 | L-12 (A3) = (96-sku)

  4. Prepack bundles of 8 Medium Notes in 8 assorted colors  = (24 sku)  

DIMENSIONS: W 670mm D 400mm H 1700mm

NOTE: Preorder deliveries for all POP Merchandiser Displays allow between 2 to 3 weeks for delivery to your door.


All the texts contained on the display are available for localization, including Teslaamazing.ca website address and all in English and French with Teals Amazing Magnetic trademarks & logos.


Material: a gauffered board with the upper layer sealed and laminated. The top part made of PVC plastic, the service period of such plastic is half a year and longer. In around 8 months it might slightly darken.

A quality matrix with a wide viewing angle is built into the display. The screen module is provided with remote control, which can be used to switch on/ switch off the display, adjust the brightness, etc.

The default type is supplied with an adapter and a power cable for a standard electricity network.

With MONITOR: You can complete the Monitor displays with regular power-banks, which are used for mobile devices.

Screen PLUG-IN  9'' Monitor

A screen requires 5V 2A.

Estimated working period with a regular Chinese power bank is:

10 thous mAh — 24 hours of continuous operation

20 thous mAh — 40 hours of operation

40 thous mAh — 70 hours of operation

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