Art Pads - (A5)-5.8"x8.3" | 148x210cm - 5 pack Assorted Colours - 250 sheets - Save 10%



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Art-Note Pads:  5 pads assorted colours (A5) 5.8" x 8.2"in (148x210mm) x  250 sheets.  Save 10% on Bundle Packs! Cling to most furfaces.

innoXstatic Art-NotePads uses the same added static charge instead of glue to cling to almost any dry, clean surface. They are like innoXstatic-Notes, only larger in size and make great smaller Mini-Whiteboards on walls, windows, desktop and/or conference tables.

innoXstatic Art-Note Pads, are best for drawing and painting, mind mapping, and clinging instant bulletins for office and/or artwork around school classrooms.

The white side is dry erasable and reusable. | Recommended for Indoor Use only.

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