Display Notes #TLS-S1 -Simple Table Top w/Startup Inventory

The Tesla Amazing Simple Long Table Top Merchandiser with > Startup up Inventory to include;

1-Free Simple Table Top (Long) Display;

 2-Preloaded startup Inventory of Notes in 3 sizes and assorted colors

 inventory Units Provided;

Small Notes = 48

Medium Notes = 64

Large Notes = 16

Total assorted inventory per order = 128 SKUs.  (MSRP = $635.73). 

NOTE: All Preorder deliveries for POP Merchandiser Displays, please allow between 2 to 3 weeks for delivery to your door.


Tesla Amazing Magnetics tabletop displays have shown to provide high turn-over value[ROII] 

The simple version of Table Top Long, Instead of the head block with a screen monitor the "Simple Table Top comes with a preprinted product promotion header.

The Table-Top Display is made of lightweight PVC plastic. 


All text contained in the display are available for localization, including website address, but excluding trademarks logos and are bilingual French / English.

DIMENSIONS: W 457mm / D 280mm / H 336mm

Display Wt.: 625gm

 Pre-orders Shipped from Estonia 2 to 3 weeks


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